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2018 SAICA Training Regulations

SAICA requires Training Offices to communicate and EXPLAIN the training regulations and changes to the regulations to trainees. At the end of each year, the training regulations are updated/amended for implementation in the following year. Three related documents are communicated by SAICA:

- A marked up version of the new regulations, indicating changes made to the existing regulations

- A clean version of the new regulations

- An explanatory memorandum that summarises the changes that have been made.

SAICA trainees, Assessors, Administrators and the Training Officer are required to have a working of the Training Regulations. Trainees who have not read the training regulations are not equipped to make informed decisions about their training contracts and issues such as academic remission, registration and cancellation of training contracts, academic progress, suspension of training contracts, recognition of prior learning and many others. Prospective SAICA Trainees will also benefit greatly if they have read the regulations before entering into training contracts.

For explanations and clarification on SAICA's training regulations, or if you need a copy of the latest version of the regulations, feel free to contact the Atcor team to assist you.


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