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October 7, 2016

With the APC exam coming up soon many trainees are still uncertain about a a number of items, how to address and answer questions or simply fine tuning their skills. I have been inundated with queries and although I will do my best to address them all individually I know that many other trainees will be struggling with the same concepts or questions. In order to help as many trainees as possible I will attempt to do daily updates from Monday 10 October which will include:

- Report writing skills
- Economic and industry specific updates
- How to conduct research, which research is relevant and how to reference it
- The difference between calculating an answer and concluding on a question
- How to structure your solutions
- How to write with an impartial, unoffending tone but still getting your message across 
- Q&A sessions


I have marked the APC exam the last two year and I am a huge supporter of the exam as it tests the ability of a potential CA to not just answer a question technically correct but also with the professional structure, tone, value add and conclusion that is needed from a CA in the workplace.


Atcor is committed to helping trainees develop into the best CA's they can possibly be and by helping you to improve your writing and professional skills it will give you a competitive edge, not just for the exam but also in the work place. Report writing skills will give you a huge competitive advantage when you apply for your dream position and will help to you to address conflict in the workplace in a way where emotion is removed, thus focussing and dealing with the issue to ensure mutually beneficial ground is reached. Anyone (not just those preparing for APC) following the posts in the next month will thus benefit so I want to encourage you to share the posts with your friends, asking questions, helping one another etc.


Yours in eductaion and development
Francois Blom (CEO) and the fellow Atcor team






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