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Atcor (Pty) Ltd specialises in the SAICA Training Programme and developing finance professionals. Established in 1995, we have steadily built an excellent reputation for the quality finance, accounting and development training and consulting services we offer in both the private and public sector. In addition to our SAICA Training Programme services listed below, Atcor does also offer short courses that contribute towards Continued Professional Development.

When SAICA first introduced the option, Atcor was actively creating the foundations for Commerce and Industry Training Contracts (Then known as Training Outside of Public Practice). Through serving on SAICA committees, Atcor contributed to the first competency framework for TOPP training contracts, as well as the structures that were put in place to manage and monitor the TOPP Trainees and Training Officers.

Years later, when SAICA made the decision to create one CA Training Programme, Atcor’s CEO at the time, was chairman of TRECO (Training Requirements Committee). He provided invaluable input into the structure of the CA Training Programme and the 2010 competency framework, based on extensive research of worldwide practices. Atcor was also responsible for compiling the implementation guide for the 2010 competency framework.

In 2009, Sandra started presenting Assessor Training workshops on behalf of SAICA. Sandra is a member of SAICA’s Accreditation and Monitoring Subcommittee (AMS) and Training Requirements Committee (TRECO).

When joining Atcor, Megan Jubber became registered as a SAICA Assessor, and she has also been presenting Assessor Training workshops on behalf of SAICA since 2012.

Francois Blom joined Atcor’s team at the end of 2014. He is a marker for SAICA’s APC exam and is providing input into SAICA’s CA2025 project.

The implementation of the revised competency framework by SAICA in 2016 was contributed to by Atcor staff. Sandra Blom was a member of the working committee that produced the revised competency framework, and Megan Jubber was a member of the working committee that produced the implementation guide for the revised framework.

Deepa joined Atcor’s team in 2016. She is based in Cape Town and focuses on coaching trainees. Deepa integrates her coaching and SAICA training programme knowledge and experience, and assists CTA, ITC and APC repeat candidates to complete their qualifications.

Atcor’s in-depth knowledge and continued contribution to and involvement in all aspects of the SAICA Training Programme, and specifically Commerce and Industry Training Programmes, has allowed us to build a unique and bespoke service offering that is able to meet a wide-range of needs for our clients. We have been serving Training Offices and SAICA for over 18 years. We have managed over 25 SAICA Training Programmes, and continue to add new Training Programmes to that number every year.

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