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Atcor’s services to SAICA Training Offices includes the following:
  • High level CA Programme Feasibility Analysis: Initial analysis of a potential Training Office and the value that can be added to the organisation and the profession by becoming accredited with SAICA.

  • Application for Accreditation: Assisting a prospective training office in compiling the relevant documentation for re-accreditation.

  • Resource Audit: CA Programme Design & Development (Completion of generic training plans and rotation plans).

  • Independent Assessments: Completing ANAs (Assessment Needs Analysis) for trainees as their evaluators and assessors, and fulfilling the role of the assessor as required by the Code of Conduct for Assessors.

  • Interim Review Checks: Reviewing LTS every two months and ensuring that trainees have completed their TSRs, PSRs and ANAs in line with SAICA’s requirements.

  • CA Programme Updates and SAICA Compliance Services: Updating the client on any changes that may impact the training programme (training regulations, competencies, etc). This includes information in the assessment reports about overall compliance with SAICA requirements.

  • Preparation for SAICA Re-Accreditation Visits: Continuously updating Atcor’s website with compliance information. In addition to this, Atcor assists in preparing all documents for the self-evaluations and visits.

  • TCMS Service: Review of TCMS to ensure that the registration, suspension and discharge of training contracts, as well as RPL, are effectively completed on the system.

  • Steering Committee Meeting Attendance: Where applicable, Atcor attends steering committee meetings. Where training offices do not have steering committees, these meeting will take place with the training officer.

  • Compilation of Policies and Procedures: Updating or writing policies and procedures for the training programme as required per the SAICA re-accreditation criteria B2, D2, D3 and D4.

  • Assessor Training: Presenting SAICA Assessor Training workshops to upskill prospective SAICA assessors.

  • Induction Training: Presenting induction training that meets the requirements of re-accreditation criterion C1 and equips the trainee to make the most of their training contracts.

  • ​Mentor and Reviewer Training: Presenting training to upskills role players on the SAICA training programme, the assessment process and the Training Office’s specific policies and procedures.

  • Customised Simulations for Learning Gaps: Delivering simulations for all competencies in the SAICA 2010 and Revised Competency Framework that comply with the SAICA Simulation Guidelines.

  • Personal Development Analysis: Analysing the personality profiles of trainees within the context of the SAICA training environment, in order to identify potential development needs and opportunities to grow trainees into excellent CA(SA)s.

  • Coaching: Providing coaching to trainees to assist them with career development decisions and in overcoming hurdles that they experience during their training contract, for example lack of academic progress.

  • Qualifying Exam Support: Feedback on ITC and APC scripts and how the trainees can prepare for the exams through focussing on their professional skills and natural strengths and weaknesses.

Atcor’s approach of tailor-making its services to meet each client’s specific needs, means that each client is provided with a unique mix of services.

In order to facilitate Atcor in providing the above services, Atcor has developed the Atcor Check Website. The Website is a tool to communicate relevant information and updates to trainees and other role players involved in the SAICA Training Programme. The Check Website includes a re-accreditation section, that allows Atcor to assist Training Offices in ensuring compliance with the SAICA re-accreditation criteria. Access to the website is granted to the SAICA reviewers to facilitate their review of the Training Office and ensure that they are able to conduct SAICA training office visits fully prepared and informed.

Our SAICA Training Programme clients include commerce & industry, auditing & assurance and public sector training offices. Out of respect for our clients and their branding requirements, we do not list our clients on this website. Should you wish to contact our clients for references, we will assist in connecting you with them once we have obtained their permission to do so.

Need more details? Contact us.

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